Presentation of the secondary school (collège-Lycée)

EFEP offers the possibility of pursuing a French education at the secondary level (from the 6th grade to the 12th grade). Students in the secondary section obtain the French baccalaureate and brevet des collèges at the end of their studies. They are registered with the CNED (Centre national d’enseignement à distance) and follow the courses sent by the CNED with the teachers who accompany them in this course.


Each registered student receives the courses sent by the CNED which are studied with the help of the school’s teaching assistants. They provide personalized help to each student, verify the acquisition of knowledge, follow up on learning, and suggest exercises and complementary activities.

The evaluation of knowledge is based on the homework sent by the student to the CNED. The number of assignments varies according to subject and class, from 8 to 16 per school year. Admission to the next class is decided by the CNED teaching team, which also takes into account the opinion of the secondary school teachers.

After obtaining the Baccalauréat, they can go on to higher education in France or abroad where this diploma is very well recognized.

Students also take Montenegrin language courses throughout their secondary and high school years.

Teaching at the college (4 years) is structured according to disciplines: French language, mathematics, history-geography, civic education, foreign languages, the Science of Life and the Planet, physics and chemistry, technology, physical and sports education, applied arts, music education.

The subjects taught in high school depend on the course chosen by the student.