Elementary School

The programs taught are those defined by the French Ministry of Education. They are also recognized by the Montenegrin Ministry of Education.

Cycle 2 (CP- CE1 and CE2) is the one of fundamental learning in reading, writing and mathematics. It is in these years that solid foundations are laid in these skills. It is also the continuation of the discovery of the world (living world, matter, space, time), physical activities and sports, visual arts and music.

Cycle 3 consolidates the learning of Cycle 2, while preparing students for middle school. The subjects taught in this cycle are: French, English, Montenegrin, mathematics, science and technology, history and geography, civic and moral education, art history, music, fine arts, physical education and sports.

In these classes, students benefit from 2 hours of English and 2 hours of Montenegrin per week.  Co-teaching sessions in two languages also allow for the reinforcement of the multilingual pathway and for joint projects. For Montenegrin, the Ministry’s programs are followed.

The small size of our classes allows the teacher to follow each student to the best of his/her abilities. Learning is done through manipulations, games and discoveries. It is the student who builds his or her learning through trial and error, which will allow him or her to understand and assimilate concepts more easily and effectively. The development of self-confidence and autonomy is one of the priorities at this age.

The programs taught are those defined by the French ministry of education. They are also recognized by the ministry of education of Montenegro.


Typical day

  • 8:20 a.m. Progressive welcome of students to the classroom
  • 8:30 individualized work plan in french and mathematics
  • 9:45 a.m.: group rituals or workshops in math or reading
  • 10:15 am: recess
  • 10:30 am sports or arts
  • 11:30 am lunch break
  • 1:00 p.m.: reading (library / continuous reading / comprehension)
  • 1:30 pm work plan
  • 2:00 pm: language: english or montenegrin
  • 2:50 pm: recreation
  • 3:10 pm: discovery of the world/ sciences
  • 3:50 p.m.: debriefing of the day
  • 4:00 pm: school out